Dear (parents of) Basketball players,

Unfortunately 2020 has been heavily influenced by the COVID-19 virus and the board has had to take several measures in order to follow regulation. Because of these necessary measures the contribution has just now been mailed to you.

This year we continued to train regularly in the holiday to be able to make a good start with the 20/21 season. 
Unfortunately, COVID-19 has once again shut down the competition. 
We assume, and the NBB has confirmed up and till today, that the competition will still be fully played, albeit ending at a later date in 2021. 
The teams have already played 4 or 5 games and MBCA will continue to facilitate the training as much as possible, also for 18 years and older. 
Financially this means for MBCA that about 60% of the seasonal costs have been incurred. As s the intention is to play the remainder of the competition, MBCA will have all costs for the season and some extra for the protocol that has and will be taken into account.
Much to our regret, all subsidies offered are not applicable to MBCA, however we are still seeking compensation from the municipality, AmstelveenSport and the NBB.

Because we understand that the members might also suffer the consequences of COVID-19, we offer everyone the opportunity to pay the contribution in 4 quarters. MBCA requests to state the invoice number in the description field of the banktransfer. The dates for these quarterly (25%)) payments are: 1st before December 20th, 2nd before Februari 20th, 3rd before April 20th and the 4th before June 20th. 
We like to thank those members that already have paid their dues for the 20/21 season. It has been and is of vital meaning to MBCA.

If you have any question regarding the contribution, please email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Stay safe and keep yourself in shape with basketball, looking forward to see you again watching the games together,

Wybrand Oosterbaan

What do I see on my contribution statement 2020-2021?

You will find two or more lines on your contribution statement. 
MBCA wants to be transparent by showing you what you pay for. 
This could be playing in a (higher) competition, training more often, resulting in higher costs for MBCA resulting in a higher contribution for yourself.
MBCA wants anyone to experience Basketball according to his/her ambition level, resulting in a contribution geared towards use.

Items you might see:
"Verenigingscontributie": Basic contribution for all members, for which one (recreational) training per week is included
"Basketball Basketballweek xxxxxx": If you participate in teams playing (semi-)annual competition.
"Toeslag landelijk xxx": Extra contribution for member participating in regional/national.
"Tenuehuur": MBCA annual outfit rental/compensation. 
"Extra training xxxx": when training x times per week extra.

Het bestuur is verheugd te kunnen melden dat we een nieuwe voorzitter hebben gevonden! 

Paul Kienstra stelt zichzelf hieronder aan jullie voor. Hij zal vanaf januari 2021 ad interim als voorzitter aan de slag gaan en wij hebben er als bestuur heel veel zin in om met Paul samen verder te werken aan de professionalisering van de organisatie van MBCA. 

Bij deze willen wij nogmaals Rinco van der Baan bedanken voor zijn jarenlange inzet voor MBCA als voorzitter en we zijn blij dat Rinco actief bij MBCA betrokken wil blijven!

Bestuur van MBCA.

Starting December 1, face masks are now mandatory in the Goudsmithal (as in every public building). 

Find here the latest update of the corona protocol

MBCA is op zoek naar een nieuwe voorzitter.

Lees hieronder het profiel van de voorzitter waar we naar op zoek zijn. 
Reacties uiterlijk voor 20 september 2020 via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For the time being, it seems that we will be allowed to start the competition as usual. We are keeping an eye on the situation as it may change in the coming time. See below the basic rules for the upcoming period:
  •  Follow the RIVM guidelines (stay at home if you do not feel well, keep 1,5m distance, wash your hands, no yelling.. )
  • We can have (incl teams) max. 100 persons in the Goudsmithal present, for this reason we will plan max 2 games at the same time. Home supporters need to be kept to a minimum since our guests will need to come to drive the kids for example. If you come and you feel it is too crowded please go away or find a place where the distance is respected. Take your own responsibility on this matter.
  • There is a soap dispenser available next to the stairs at the entrance
  • Come just on time and leave straight after your game, wait for your kid outside if possible
  • Locker rooms are open but follow the guidelines and leave asap

The board of MBCA is in contact with Amstelveen Sport to adjust the Goudsmithal to the corona situation, the routing, indicate places where supporters may sit at the stands and other information. But at the end you have to take your own responsibility, follow the RIVM guidelines and help/remind each other to do so. Together against corona!

Fysiotherapeute Lara Schiedon is elke maandagavond van 20:20 tot 21:10 in de Goudsmithal. Of maak een afspraak met haar voor een gratis consult



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